Register Your Organisation and Submit Your Event

Are you a charitable organization keen to organize a digital coding event for young people? You already have a concrete idea for your Meet and Code Event? Then you're ready to get going and register your organization!

The registration and submission of a Meet and Code Event includes the following four steps: 

  1. Create an account: Please select your username and password. This will allow you to log back in later to manage your account. 

  1. Connect your account with a Non-Profit Organization: Only charitable non-profit organizations can submit Meet and Code events. The status as a charitable non-profit organization will be validated by your local TechSoup partner - Charity Digital for UK. In order to be validated, it is necessary to receive a validation token from your account at the TechSoup platform - Charity Digital in the UK. 

    • If you are already registered and validated at the TechSoup platform - Charity Digital in the UK - please log in and get your validation token to proceed.  

    • If you are new at the TechSoup platform - Charity Digital in the UK -, please follow the registration process and get your organization validated to then come back to the Meet and Code website with you validation token. Please note, that you will need your exemption notice or another proof of your charitable status for the registration and that the validation may take some days up to one week.  

  1. Finalize your organizations profile: We ask you for few more info including the Account IBAN and BIC of your organization for funding to be delivered. 

  1. Submit one or more event ideasTo submit an event idea, please prepare a detailed description of the event idea, valid contact details and a photo that represents the event.  

Your submitted event will be reviewed according to the accepted criteria and we will notify you by email about the funding decision. 

Please note: Meet and Code 2020 will only fund online events.  

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