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3D creation and coding in Tynkercad

XTeadus MTÜ

Kirjeldus This workshop is aimed to show how is possible to model 3d objects in Tynkercad automatically by using Codeblocks. We will dicover how to implement coding methods to create amazing 3d models fast and repetedly.
During workshop participants will create several simple and one bigger projects , also will get knowledge how develop coding skills.
Workshop is amed for students in the age 10+.
Due to simple and intuitive code editor in Tinkercad coding become very cool and engaging activity for young people. Also they can see and understand relationships between programming and result of it instantly ( in this case - creating a 3d model).

Registration for this event will be on our website: www.
Workshop will be conducted in english language.


Vanuserühm 10 - 15


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Kuupäev 27.10.2021    16:00 - 18:30


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