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Borders: none

Opis Borders:none is refugee association which runs a coding school for refugees in Zagreb. We're teaching HTML, CSS and JavaScript in our 2 months courses. Slobodna domena is open source and design cooperative. We believe there are no boundaries to the human potential and we both promote equality and fighting discrimination. Together we will carry out this project in which we aim to promote coding and coding school's next courses which start in October. We want to share our passion for coding with youth and to attract new students to our school. We'll have 2 days Hackaton event in which we'll show what we do, code some lines and make a simple website together with participants. Also, we'll invite other developers and the potential employers so they'll have a chance to meet them and ask anything about their profession.


Dobna skupina 16 - 24

Stepen težine

Vrsta Offline-Event

Datum 12.10.2019    10:00 - 18:00
13.10.2019    10:00 - 18:00

Adresa Ul. grada Vukovara 68
10000 Zagreb

Max. broj učesnika 30 Želite učestvovati? Molimo da kontaktirate našeg lokalnog operatera zaduženog za kontakte.

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