Get volunteer support for your event

Are you looking for professional support or inspiring input from an expert? Then support from one or more SAP corporate volunteers might be just what you need. This year, for the first time ever, we will pilot the opportunity to connect SAP volunteers with Meet and Code events across Germany, France, Bulgaria and Ireland. You can request support from SAP volunteers for your Meet and Code event via a request form.

Three years ago in 2017, SAP co-developed the Meet and Code initiative with a vision to connect employees with purpose and give them the opportunity to participate as corporate volunteers. By doing so, SAP can provide meaningful and impactful opportunities where employees can use their skills to further help and improve the digital literacy of non-profit organizations, including Meet and Code events.

What will corporate volunteering look like at your Meet and Code event?

SAP corporate volunteers have a variety of backgrounds and expertise, they can support you with:

  • Practical presentations about their work in the IT industry;
  • Help you with facilitating an online workshop;
  • Support the introduction to Snap!
  • Moderate a Design Thinking workshop online;
  • Provide support as coaches for online workshops in different tech areas, such as robotics, 3-D printing, coding, and more;
  • Provide support for your non-profit organization including website creation and social media or setting up the right tool for your online course;
  • Be available as jurors for challenges and/or competitions;
  • and much more.

Important note

Please note that we cannot guarantee that a suitable volunteer will be found. Once the request form is complete and submitted, you will receive feedback four weeks after your request. Irrespective of volunteers, Meet and Code events are expected to successfully take place without the support of a volunteer.

Six steps to secure volunteer support for your event

Are you planning your Meet and Code online event? Here are six simple steps to help secure volunteer support to make your event an even bigger and better:

  1. When submitting your Meet and Code event, express your interest by selecting "Yes, I am interested in Corporate Volunteering"-checkbox.
  2. Your local TechSoup Partner will review your event and give you feedback about your funding. We will also send you an email with a link to a form to apply for support from corporate volunteers.
  3. Send us your request with all the information about your event and your need for support via the form. It is important to specify when and the type of support you require.
  4. We will immediately start looking for the right support for you. It is possible that no suitable candidate can be found and you will be informed. Otherwise, if successful, you will receive an email from the corporate volunteer who will support your project. (Both situations occur within four weeks).
  5. Together, with the corporate volunteers, you will organize your Meet and Code event independently.
  6. After a successful event, we will then ask you to participate in our feedback survey. You will receive the link via e-mail.