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The 'Give IT Back to Community' event aimed to get the attention of children and young people to local community problems.

“We chose to participate in Meet and Code because we wanted to be a part of the global movement aimed at inspiring children to become more involved with technology and learning by playing” – say organisers from a nonprofit “Give it back” from Romania. “We also very much like the idea of creating debates in these children addressing why we should (or should not) adopt and encourage technology in our communities.”

"Children's imagination and dreams are not limited. It is unfortunate that we do not encourage and further stimulate their imagination!"Malina, organizer.

“Give IT Back’s” main focus is to share IT knowledge with children and other young people in their local community, which supports and enhances their digital education and literacy. Through these activities, activists can and encouraged to invest in young people’s future as well as the future of local communities by bringing together schools, parents and local IT companies.

"No dream is too big. I want to program robots to explore planets that humans have not yet reached."Mihai, 9 years old.

During the Meet and Code event, children and young people learned how to code, learned more about basic algorithmic thinking, how stimulate civic engagement to identify and resolve community problems and most importantly to develop young children’s imagination and creativity.

This event was extremely successful, because it brought community problems to the attention of local young people as a topic of debate.

With this event children got to know more about problems facing their local community and help to resolve these problems firsthand. These young people were shown that technology can be a tool to resolve problems and create local change. #tech4good