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Опис For several years back, Tetovo has been one of the most polluted cities in Europe based on the air quality. While the air pollution has seen a decrease, the city is still overflown with garbage. Raising awareness on the impact of individuals on the environment is of outmost importance.

To raise awareness on the role of each individual in saving the environment and to raise the interest of young kids in IT

- encouraging primary school students to think about the ways they can contribute to a cleaner environment
- providing students with elementary coding skills (snapchat geofilter) which they can use to become multipliers in their communities

deCODE pollution camp:

Learning in nature:
- introduction to Snapchat Geofilter
- simple coding using smartphones
- keepingour environment clean
- how can we contribute individually to reduce waste and pollution
- effects of pollution to our planet

Group work in the city:
- create geofilters for detecting and informing on waste and garbage issues in the city
- walking tour in the city to detect issues and propose solutions all the while raising awareness among their peers through the created snapchat filters


Возрасна група 10 - 14


Вид Офлајн настан

Date 12.10.2019    09:30 - 17:30

Адреса Shkolla Fillore Naim Frasheri
1200 Tetovo

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