Girls and Robotics

Форум на млади

Опис Our event is planed as basic information about robots toys and trough interactive games to made it more closer to girls from primary schools in Bitola. We plan to present various toys and equipment in front of the pupils to make it more interests to them besides prejudices as boys interests.
Our plan is to include 30 girls from age 10 to 14 and let them to be closer with various toys with one goal to made more interesting to them.
It will be event lead by our organization experienced volunteer whose already organized many similar events.
We will by toys and print t-shirts with campaign logo and action name

Возрасна група 10 - 14


Вид Онлајн настан

Date 09.10.2019    09:30 - 11:00

Максимален број учесници 30 Вие сакате да учествувате? Ве молиме да го контактирате нашето лице за контакт.

Учеството е бесплатно.
Награда на Meet and Code Girls do IT! (Девојки во ИТ!)

Контакт Форум на млади Веб-страница: www.youthforumbitola.org
Имејл на лицето за контакт: youthforumbitola@gmail.com

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