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Опис "Isa Beu" is an islamic high shool (madrasah) and it's the only school that has separate teaching facilities for boys and girls. Isa Beu has classes in Skopje, Tetovo, Gostivar and Stip. However, our focus will be on the one that operates in Tetovo, which is a girls only school.
Taking into consideration the religious orientation of Isa Beu Madrasah and their tendency to focus more on Islamic studies, there is a very little incentive and desire from their female students to continue their education in the STEM disciplines, even less so in IT.

Goals and Objectives:
- Motivate and increase the interest of madrasah girls to code
- Discuss ways of how to be involved in the community through coding
-Empower them to be agents of change by highlighting the work of female entrepreneurs in the city

Activities involved
1. Half day basic html code training as a tool for simple web design
2. Field work in the boutique district in the city to interview female entrepreneurs, take shots of their work and build a profile on their path to success which would be featured in a website designed by the participants
3. Creation of a Code Girls Club "IT is a girl thing!"


Возрасна група 14 - 19


Вид Офлајн настан

Date 09.10.2019    11:00 - 17:00

Адреса Medreseja Isa Beu Tetove
1200 Tetovo

Максимален број учесници 20 Вие сакате да учествувате? Ве молиме да го контактирате нашето лице за контакт.

Учеството е бесплатно.
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