Empower The Food

Empower The Youth

Опис This event will be called Empower the Food.The goal of this project will be to create an app where people who don't have enough food will be connected with people and restaurants which throw their food.
The event will have three days.
In the first day, 20 participants together for 3-4 hours will discuss the facilities of the app.After that they will have 2 hours consultation/feedback from professionals, to get the idea of this app.The following hours will be used for wareframing, which is simply making a rough sketch of how they will want their application to look like.
At the end of the first day, two groups of people will be made.First one will be responsible for coding and the other one for design.
The second day will be fully used for making the design and the code.Each of the students will have its own work to do, and they will be assisted by professionals.
As a result of that, by the end of the second day, majority of the app will be made.
In the morning of the third day, the app will be completely finished.The following hours will be used for discussing the marketing plan, how to make the app reachable to those who need it, and the event will end with a farewell presentation


Возрасна група 16 - 24


Вид Офлајн настан

Date 14.10.2019    09:00 - 20:30
15.10.2019    10:00 - 21:00
16.10.2019    09:00 - 15:30

Адреса Ul.Risto Krle br.8/2/6
6330 Struga

Максимален број учесници 20 Настанот е целосно резервиран.
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Контакт Empower The Youth Веб-страница: empower-the-youth.com
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