Solving Community Challenges through Robotics

Сојуз на извидници на Македонија

Опис Target group: children / scouts from 8 to 14 years from the City of Skopje and Roma Communities

Programming language: Python

Part of our mission is creating responsible citizens in communities. In order to that we merge technology and inclusive programs, scouts will be coding solutions to problems together.

The goal is for the youth and scouts to work together by gaining knowledge of basic Python coding language, through an interactive presentation. Through dialectic learning they will learn how to design a program, implement basic variables, engage command-lines, apply basic logic (if, and, or, and loops). They will then participate in experimental community simulations with robotics by implementing the coding skills they have learned.

The participants will work together in solving basic obstacle challenges through the robotic programming.

1. 45 min. Introductory programming lecture
2. 15 min Break
60 min. Monitoring algorithm development and code clarifications through Robotics Scratch Software
4. 15 min Break
5. 60 min. Present Problem and allow participants to design code
6. 30 min Present their Robotics Program
7. 15 min. Discussion and Refreshments


Возрасна група 8 - 14


Вид Офлајн настан

Date 15.10.2019    18:00 - 20:00

Адреса TBD
1000 SKopje

Максимален број учесници 50 Вие сакате да учествувате? Ве молиме да го контактирате нашето лице за контакт.

Учеството е бесплатно.
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