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STEAM vs. STEM: basic concepts and differences

The digitalization of education makes its own adjustments to the process of education and upbringing of a modern student. The STEM and STEAM educational concepts successfully combine digitalization, interactivity and project activities. These concepts are often considered to be a starting point for individual and social development of children. They help to prepare the students to meet the requirements of the future labour market. 

This webinar will introduce you to the key modern educational approaches implemented at European schools. It will provide you with an overview of plans for future development in the field of education. It will also highlight the algorithm for effective implementation of the STEAM technologies in the educational process vs. the implementation of an interdisciplinary approach when using all the components of the STEAM education.   

The main points to be covered during the presentation:

  • Comparative characteristics of the traditional and modern approaches to education, the main differences and principles of their use;
  • The process of evolution of the labour market in the light of new technologies, the influence of technologies on the formation of new professional tasks; 
  • Challenges that await teachers and students in the process of implementing the educational concept of STEAM at schools and effective ways to solve these problems;
  • Opportunities to improve the educational process at schools from the perspective of developing necessary skills for the effective use of technology in professional and everyday life.
When: November, 23rd, at 4:30pm CET (Wednesday)
Language spoken: English
 Webinar agenda:
1. Short introduction. 
2. STEM background info. 
3. STEAM background info. 
4. Jobs of the future. 
5. An example of a STEM lesson/exercise and its analysis. 
6. An example of STEAM lesson/exercise and its analysis. 
7. Conclusion.

Trainer’s bio: 
Viktor Bohdanov, is an English-speaking educational trainer specialising in implementation of the STEAM approach at modern schools. MA in English Philology (SWPS University in Warsaw) and MA in Literature and Linguistics (Herson State University) with six years of teaching experience in public and private schools, currently working at Skriware S. A. 



Groupes cibles

Jeunes (13-17), Jeunes adultes (18-24), Enseignants

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