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TechSoup Europe Short Guide About Making Webinars

Creating a webinar is not rocket science but it does require preparation. If you want to learn how to carry out a successful webinar, watch the video made by TechSoup Europe!

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Since most of our lives have moved online we decided to create a short guide to help you and your organization establish a new presence on the internet (or build on the experiences you already have).

Watch the webinar

Based on what we’ve learned over the years we’ll share basic tips and tricks on how to go about producing a webinar. We realize that at this point of the pandemic even the sound of the word ‘webinar’ might make some you cringe as it seems like they’re everywhere.  But if done right they can be a very useful tool for transmitting the message/knowledge you have to your wider audiences not just under these special conditions.

Please read it, comment, share and use!

Download TechSoup Europe Short Guide to Making Webinars