Robots need your help| Les robots ont besoin de ton aide !

Tangram | Women@Nantes

Description The Women@Nantes association is partnering with Tangram to offer an introduction to robot programming.

For one afternoon, Tangram invites you to learn the basics of programming, without the help of a computer.

Embedded in a captivating story, the workshop participants will become narrators, helping the protagonists to emerge victorious from their hectic adventures. To do this, they will have a card, 2 robots symbolizing the heroes, and instructions to be given to the robots.

This activity will allow budding coders to learn to be attentive to details, analyze situations, work in a team, and of course understand computer logic.

This disconnected animation (without the use of screens) is open to everyone, especially children who have never coded on a computer.

There will be 2 sessions of 1h30 each
14h> 15h30


Tranche d'âge 8 - 12


Type Événement en présentiel

Date 13.10.2019    14:00 - 16:30
13.10.2019    16:00 - 17:30

44400 Rezé

Participants max. 10 x 2 sessions Vous voulez participer ? Veuillez contacter notre responsable local.

La participation est gratuite
Les prix Meet and Code Pas de participation

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