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Peter Chandler was one of the organizers of the “Build our own 3D printer” event held by the Globe Community Library at Stokesley, UK. The event won the Innovation Award.

Describe your project in one sentence

Peter Chandler: Let’s build a 3D Printer – sounds easy doesn’t it? But it was not as easy as we thought…

Describe your non-profit organization in one sentence

P.Ch.: The Globe Library is a volunteer-run community library which has been running for over 2 years, since the County Council withdrew funding from all local libraries in order to cut their running costs. We have well over 100 volunteers and just one part-time paid member of staff (the library manager) to make it all happen. Since becoming volunteer-run, we have massively increased the number of people using the library and added many clubs and events to increase our involvement in the local community.

Where are you located?

P.Ch.: Stokesley, North Yorkshire (nearest big town is Middlesbrough) in England

Which word best describes your role in the organization?

P.Ch.: That someone who does everything

Describe yourself with 5 words

P.Ch.: Trustee & “Jack of all trades”

When did you first notice that you want to start your project? Will that be one among many?

P.Ch.: The Meet and Code organization was brought to my attention in summer 2018, and I realized that a project we were considering could be a good fit with the Innovation category. I completed the application for initial funding, not expecting that we could actually achieve it. We already have the idea for our next project, which will focus on Robotics and Raspberry Pi.

Being a brain behind the event idea: where do you see the project in five years?

P.Ch.: Our 3D Printer is a new resource for The Globe Library. We can now offer Library users the possibility of printing their own 3D models. Our first customer is a man who has a vintage motor-bike and needs a new headlamp assembly, which we can print for him in ABS polymer. It will take some time to print but he has agreed to pay the cost of the design, the polymer and the printing. Who knows what we will be doing in 5 years time!

Which tips would you give others on the way?

P.Ch.: Just go for it. However unusual your idea may be, just give it a try.

How much time did you spent on organizing the event?

P.Ch.: Quite a lot, but I have enjoyed every minute.

Who or what inspires you?

P.Ch.: Seeing young people achieve more than they initially believe they can – building their self-confidence by working together as a team.

Which tools do you need most in your everyday life?

P.Ch.: The skill of working with other people – whatever their age or background.

What do you say about the funding culture in your country?

P.Ch.: There is not enough funding for communities and young people

What do you think about MEET AND CODE?

P.Ch.: MEET AND CODE is a great initiative. I wish there were more initiatives like it.

If you had unlimited funds for your organization right now, what would you do?

P.Ch.: Just what I am doing now (I always assume that whatever we want to do, we will somehow find the funding. We ask forgiveness not permission).

How would you describe your goals - rather "next week", "next year", "when I'm old“?

P.Ch.: One step at a time; and never give up.