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New Austrian Coding School

Beschreibung Discover Coding by New Austrian Coding School will be an opportunity to bring kids together to learn some basic concepts of computer programming. We will use the programming language Snap! to create a simple game in an interactive and playful way.

Snap! is a visual programming language that runs in the browser and is free. Even though it is simple and suited for kids, it also allows for the study of more complex concepts, so interested children can further build on their knowledge after the workshop.

Our aim is that kids of different backgrounds attend our workshop to reinforce the idea that programming can be learnt by anyone with any background. We will offer the possibility of it being in English and/or German and/or Arabic, depending on the kids that turn up.


Altersgruppe 8 - 12



Typ Offline-Event

Datum 20.10.2018    14:30 - 18:30

Adresse Nordbahn-Halle beim Wasserturm, Leystraße/Ecke Taborstraße
1020 Wien

Max. Teilnehmerzahl 20 Sie möchten am Event teilnehmen? Dann kontaktieren Sie bitte den unten genannten Ansprechpartner.

Die Teilnahme ist kostenlos.
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