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Istvan Bukos was a volunteer involved in the organization of the "Scratch and … Gooal!" event held by Asociata Pro Teodor Murasanu from Romania.

Describe yourself with five words.

Istvan Bukos: Love people, glad to help.

What tools do you need most in your everyday life?

I.B.: Computers and related devices.

How would you describe your goals — "next week," "next year," "when I'm old“?

I.B.: Immediate goals are related to the successful completion of family and professional obligations and involvement in activities that help the development of others. For more distant objectives, I want to see my own children with careers and beautiful families. And for old age, I want to look back and say I have not lived in vain.

What experiences from your past have made you a better person?

I.B.: My spiritual experiences have been turning points in this direction.

What drives you?

I.B.: Faith

When did you first decide to start your project? Will it be one among many?

I.B.: Several weeks prior to the project I was asked by Gabriela Ileana Crisan, and I accepted the involvement in this project, considering a group of children to whom I had already given some basic notions of programming in Scratch. We have done other projects, and we also intend to continue with others.

Where do you see the project in five years?

I.B.: We are thinking of expanding the project, in various forms, to all the schools in Turda — and also to schools in nearby villages in order to ensure that rural students have equal opportunities for development.

What three tips would you give others on the way?

I.B.: Be creative, persevere, be optimistic.

How much time did you spend on organizing the event?

I.B.: It's hard to provide a precise answer. I worked with these children two hours a week for about three months on programming with Scratch before getting involved in the project. Then, after the decision to participate in the project, there were about three or four weeks of intense work that focused on the project itself.

What do you say about the funding culture in your country?

I.B.: In my opinion, it is in its infancy, but in development

What do you think about MEET AND CODE?

I.B.: I think it is a generous initiative that meets the needs of children's development in their preparation for the future.

If you had unlimited funds for your organization right now, what would you do?

I.B.: On the educational level, I would organize projects to ensure development for disadvantaged children and gifted children. I would also like to be able to develop economic and cultural development projects.